Check The Pre-order Offers On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Check The Pre-order Offers On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

From August 10 to August 21, announced that it will be possible to pre-order mobile phones in India. Sales will begin on August 22. Mobile phones were expensive at a basic variant of 67,900 rupees, with a high end 512 GB storage model at 84,900 rupees. Interestingly, some launches are related to Galaxy Note 9. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest brand offering, please save the hardshiped money through these offers.

Bharti Airtel 7,900 bid on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Bharti Airtel has partnered with Samsung and sells the 128 GB model of Galaxy Note 9 to an online store nationwide. Buyers can purchase smartphones at the site with a prepayment of 7,900 rupees. The cost of the phone can be paid in 24 times in 2,999 lbs postage on a monthly basis.

Under tariffs, subscribers can enjoy 100 GB of free data, unlimited local / STD calls, 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime, free access to Airtel TV and Wynk Music. Telecommunications companies protect Airtel's secure devices and start delivering devices from August 22.

Samsung Smart Upgrade's Galaxy Note 9

Samsung also offers many offerings for Galaxy Note 9's offer to reduce actual costs to 9999 rupees. But there is a catch here. First of all, if you purchase Note 9 with replacement suggestions on several phones, the company will offer an "upgrade bonus" of Rs. 6,000. Secondly, if you own Galaxy Note 8 you can sell it with Cashify and get about 34,000 rupees. With this process, the net cost of the new note 9 is 27,900 rupees.

In addition, we provide Gear Sports' Smart Watch to customers who have reserved Galaxy Note 9 in advance at 4,999 rupees. The notebook's price is 22,900 rupees, customers can save 17,901 rupees. Once you calculate all the savings you can get the basic model of Galaxy Note 9 at Rs 9,999 effective price.

Separately, Samsung offers a discount of Rs. 6,000 via HDFC card or Paytm Mall when purchasing a smartphone.

I hope you like the news Check The Pre-order Offers On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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