Check What’s New With Google’s Phone And Contact Apps

Google recently updated his phone and contacts application. New changes include a whole funny background with blue shades, Google Sans font, and other features.

In April of this year, we introduced a lower bar design using different icons of "Favorites", "Recent", "Contacts" in the phone company's application. The latest contact is deleted with the new "clear frequency" option. But the stars are still intact.

The latest version 23.0 of Google Phone replaced the dark blue theme with white and the application bar with a rounded corner search field. Icons are displayed in blue. In addition, the light blue replaced the dark pink with FAB color and opened the telephone dialer.

An important change introduced for the "important theme" is the call screen. From now on, a common white background will be displayed on the screen instead of a blue hue during a call. Navigation and accessibility features are also updated with the latest updates.

Other features, such as highlighting currently used tabs, remain the same. In addition, microphone icons and overflow are not changed to the right side of the screen.

The Google Contacts app also received a new update under the new version 3.0. There are several stability improvements and full theme bugfixes in this application. Applications have new options that allow you to add custom fields or files to your contacts.

Interestingly, the updates at that time are deployed only to beta users and will eventually be deployed to all Android users in the future.

I hope you like the news Check What’s New With Google’s Phone And Contact Apps. Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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