China Tests New Hypersonic Aircraft Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons

China Tests New Hypersonic Aircraft Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons

Although the trade relations with China continues to intensify, the Chinese authorities announced that they tested the first hypersonic astronauts who could install nuclear weapons.

It is also understood that aircraft have the ability to penetrate all missile defense systems.

The China Aerospace Aerodynamics Association, led by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., announced that the first successful Xingkong-2 flight test called Starry Sky-2 was conducted according to the Global Times.

The plane was launched with a multi-stage rocket at the target distance in the northwestern part of China and performed "wide angle maneuver", reaching the maximum speed from the Mach 6 or 7400 km / h.

Later, the aircraft landed at the designated landing site and provided researchers with "valid" test data.

"This test laid a solid technical foundation for the design application of Weber 's design," officials said, South China Morning Post.

Starry Sky 2 is a supersonic airplane, capturing shock waves generated by flying in the air at high speed and equipped with a wedge-shaped fuselage.

Song mr. John Ping, a Chinese military expert, Global Times This test adds that it is "fresh" and can carry conventional nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons.

"China is moving alongside the US and Russia," he told reporters.

He added that he is opposed to the current missile defense system designed to defend cruise missiles and slower ballistic missiles because the surf is flying at a rapid pace.

The test on Friday was the first time that China officially revealed the development of public riders. The US and Russia have been studying and testing Webber since 2010.

Chinese officials took three years to design starry sky 2, China Daily.

In addition to military, anonymous Global Times Technologies can adapt to the role of civilians including industrial transport.


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