Chrome 69 Is Optimized For Notched Smartphones And Android Go

Chrome 69 Is Optimized For Notched Smartphones And Android Go

While Google improves the user experience on Chrome 68 allowing Native notification support for Windows 10 Action Center, Chrome 69 reached the beta channel as a successor to the iteration launched last month. The new version of Chrome brings an intrinsic support for notch display designs. Google has published guidelines for developers to start to support the notch display at the end of last month, and The next Pixel model is likely to adopt a notch – similar to iPhone X. Chrome 69 also happens to have an option to dub as a media player for Android Go.

Among other features, Android Police reports that Google has added to Chrome 69 the same “secure ink” properties that were previously part of Apple Safari. CSS attributes were designed by Apple to help websites have a proper layout for the neat display of the iPhone X. Interestingly, Google would have followed in the footsteps of the Cupertino giant and would have brought the same attributes to the next version of Chromium. This will help web developers make websites more user-friendly Android and iPhone models over time.

In addition to Notch support, Chrome 69 seems to be turning into a media player for Android Go devices. The inexpensive hardware that works Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition) will be able to use the new addition to start playing media content directly via Chrome.

Most importantly, Google has not designed a specific version of Chrome, unlike Google Go, Gmail Go, and Go Cards among other light applications. It makes sense to give users something more with the standard Chrome browser preinstalled on Android Go devices, just like standard Android devices.

Chrome 69 will also include an improved download page that will sort the downloaded content and include a search button. Users who test the beta version of Chrome 69 can activate the new experience by activating the # download-home-v2 flag by visiting the chrome: // flags.

On desktop computers, it has been reported that Chrome 69 will offer an image playback option to allow users to view a video in a floating browser and watch it while browsing other websites. The new feature would be designed for Windows and Mac machines. In addition, Google announced in May that the next version of Chrome will remove the green “Secure” badge on HTTPS sites. This is a strategy to show users that the web is secure by default.

Google is expected to release Chrome 69 next month. However, you can check some of its features via the beta version of Chrome 69, to download the APK file on your Android APK Mirror device.

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