Chrome 70 will support MacBook Pro's Touch ID for website authentication

Chrome 70 will support MacBook Pro's Touch ID for website authentication
Soon MacBook Pro users can use Touch ID to authenticate Chrome's website and version 70 of Google's Web browser to support MacOS's fingerprint reader.

In a blog post about features that are part of Chrome 70, Chrome blog Highlight some changes that arrive in the browser. Chrome 70 will be introduced in beta on Thursday and will be released in mid-October.

As part of two web authentication API updates on the use of "PublicKeyCredential", Chrome 70 can use Touch ID as biometric authentication for web sites. An image representing an example that urges the user to confirm his / her identity indicates the use of "touch sensor" and the option to cancel authentication or the "use lock" option. # 39; Screen. "

In the other web authentication API update, PublicKeyCredential is added as third credential with PasswordCredential and FederatedCredential, allowing the user to log in. This is enabled by default in macOS.

The "shape detection starting point" test uses the shape detection function of the device on the website by three APIs of face detection, bar code detection, and text detection. This feature allows the browser to analyze or retrieve these three types of data from the browser using the existing features of the device. This publication shows the use of local resources to avoid using the "performance library".

Chrome 70 automatically forces you to exit full screen mode when the dialog box appears on the page and is forced to return the user to a more realistic mode when a decision is needed.

Includes TLS 1.3, an updated version of the TLS protocol for encrypting communications between computers, featured by "simple and error-free design" with improved efficiency and reliability. Security. In the new version it is necessary to establish an encrypted connection, delete unprotected legacy options, further encrypt the handshake and compromise recovery mode more resiliently based on keys Reduce the number of "round-trip".

I hope you like the news Chrome 70 will support MacBook Pro's Touch ID for website authentication. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂