Cleo Capital sets targets of 10 million dollars to fund women entrepreneurs – News

Sarah Kunst asked for $ 10 million for Creo Capital, the first venture capital fund. According to Axios,The company pays money to female entrepreneurs who serve as scouts.

Scouts are looking for emerging companies that companies can invest at an early stage, reducing investment income. Kunst drawn above is Sequoia's scout. I do not know whether this will change now that she is running her business. She is also the founder of ProDay, a founder specializing in fitness technology raising at least $ 500,000 from angel investors including Arielle Zuckerberg, but was laid off earlier this year.

I contacted Kunst for comment.

Kunt is not the only female-centered fund involving Kunst. She joined Bumble as a senior advisor in February and announced the launch of a venture capital fund, a popular dating application earlier this month. . Kunst co-supervises fund strategy with Bumble's COO Sarah Jones Simmer.

Kunst is striving to deploy funds for the next generation business founded by women. She actively defended women and minority founder for at least several years and was one of # MeToo's most influential people in the industry.

Last year, she told The New York Times about the experience of 500 startups founder Dave McClure. He was sending inappropriate Facebook posts of 2021. McClure apologized to the public in the form of an average post entitled "I am crazy, I'm sorry", resigned right away …

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Cleo Capital sets targets of 10 million dollars to fund women entrepreneurs - News

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