Cloud storage contract: 3 TB earned for $ 75

The Zoolz dashboard is refreshingly simple.

Sometimes I ask Cheapskate readers to name their favorite offer. Everyone is doing a list (despite fun names): Zoolz.

What is that Sulz? This is a cloud storage service, rather it is unique. StackSocial is very affordable, at least if you use this offer. 3TB Zoolz Lifetime Subscription $ 74.95.

Look at StackSocial

Are you at risk choosing a cloud storage service that is not called Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive? What happens if Zoolz's life turns out to be considerably shorter than yours? There are no doubt that many similar seemingly similar services have disappeared. I am talking about your data.

Easy Relief: Zoolz, headquartered in the UK, has been developing business centered on business refrigeration technology (based on Amazon Glacier) since 2010. The company is accusing more than 3 million users and partners such as Acer, Canon, Dell. Of course, there is no warranty, but it may be interesting, for example, to add cloud components to the current local backup configuration.

In fact, the 3 TB allocation consists of 1.5 TB of "hot" storage (meaning a snapshot similar to Dropbox) and 1.5 TB of "cold" storage (type used as a semi-permanent archive). .

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Cloud storage contract: 3 TB earned for $ 75

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