CNET UK Podcast 542: Samsung's note 9 and Apple 1 billion dollars

Deck Fools!

Roses are red, navy blue is blue, Elon Musk loves poetry, and so does Katie Collins and Richard Trenholm. We The latest cute tweet from the founder of Tesla This new episode of this lyrical podcast can be used as audio or video.

As the research shows Women's clothing pocket is too small for smartphonesWe are discussing whether the size of the phone is getting bad. It also introduces new services for Netflix and Amazon streaming services. Jack Ryan And foam To all the boys who liked before.

On the other hand, Andrew Hoyle reports the luxury of Gamescom. In addition to finding a cool console at each console, he Try cyber punk beer 2077. That man is a machine.

For more game actions, Full coverage of Gamescom is hereYou can get latest information with friends of GameSpot.

CNET UK Podcast 543

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CNET UK Podcast 542: Samsung's note 9 and Apple 1 billion dollars

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