Deepen Integration with InVision, Atlassian – News

InVision recently announced a strategic and integrated partnership with Atlassian that enables users of Confluence, Trello, Jira to view and share InVision prototypes within these programs.

Atlas This product suite is aimed at speeding up and improving efficiency of product teams. These tools streamline and organize communication so that developers and designers can concentrate on nearby tasks. At the same time, InVision's collaboration platform recognized that the design became team sports, allowing designers, engineers, executives, and other shareholders to participate from the beginning of the process. design.

Specifically, with enhanced integration, designers can directly share the design and prototype of InVision Studio with Jira, Trello. And Confluence . InVision Studio was announced at the end of last year and provided the designer with alternatives for Sketch and Adobe.

Since both the design team and the development team use both product suites, it makes sense to have these product suites communicate with each other.

As part of the partnership, Atlassian made a strategic investment in InVision, but the company refused to share that amount.

Clark Valberg, Chief Executive Officer of InVision, says:

In today's digital world, creating an attractive and effective customer experience is essential to every business in the world. InVision and Atlassian are essential platforms for organizations that derive the potential for design and development …

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Deepen Integration with InVision, Atlassian - News

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