Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1: Better Chromebook

Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1: Better Chromebook

Although Dell is not new in Chromebook games, most of the efforts so far focused on device-oriented education that addresses demanding requirements, not malicious computers. . But at this year's IFA of 2022, a new Inspiron Chromebook 14 2-in-1 has emerged that provides a more powerful and mature Chromebook option, similar to its midrange Inspiron lineup.

As such, the Inspiron Chromebook 14 is made of aluminum, not plastic, with 8 generations of Intel Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of internal memory. We do not provide power and hardware designs such as Google's Pixelbook, but for the $ 599.99 Chromebook it is better than the bulky plastic design that dominated the camera. space.

I could easily try Chromebook 14. It is indeed an attractive version of the Chromebook. This is something Google faced at the scene, but it's not Google's. Dell. Inspiron's products are slightly cheap aluminum.

However, companies like Dell find that they are not satisfied with removing Chromebooks as entry-level computers for college students. Inspiron Chrome 2 14 in-1 must be released in the United States on 23rd October.

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Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1: Better Chromebook

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