Diisero is still the largest example of Silly Valley stupidity

I can not stop thinking about Juicero.

That bothers me. I see juicero during sleep. It comes to me in my dream.

Juicer of 400 dollar Wi-Fi connection introduced by founder Doug Evans promised to launch of 2021 as "the first cold compressed juice system at home". Wellness. Even though I drank fresh juice in the morning, there was nothing to squeeze the citrus flesh chestnuts as bare hands like a monkey.

It fixes it between Juicero's flat plate and pushing the button to get juice is easy to take instant cold pressed "fruit package" (pre-dried fruits and vegetable bags) did.

Juicero sold a fully focused image on a clean juice cleaner.

It was a Silicon Valley answer to a healthy life and a large trend to cold press juice. It was a remedy for vulnerability inherent in human condition.

However, on September 1, 2017, Today was a year agoDiSeros broke through the phenomenal episodes of Silicon Valley panic, techno hype, the threat of spinach around the world.

A year later, the question remains. What did you learn from fall of the world's most strict juice desiccant?


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Diisero is still the largest example of Silly Valley stupidity

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