Disney’s New Streaming Service Won’t Rival Netflix

Disney's future streaming service will not compete directly with Netflix or Amazon, but we will focus on quality, such as the original Disney program "Star Wars", Pixar, Wonder brand.

Disney CEO Bob Eiger's details exceeded expectations in Disney's fourth quarter, but it was a result of losing expectations.

Disney is planning to purchase Fox's entertainment assets of $ 71.9 billion (approximately 4.89 million crawl) to raise the Disney brand of stop services at Comcast in the bidding war. US regulators approved Fox's proposal. Disney is waiting for regulatory approval from overseas.

In a statement, Mr. Igger said he was excited about "an opportunity for continued growth".

Disney is building a streaming service. More people are switching from traditional cable TV bundles to online streaming via Amazon and Netflix services.

Disney has just launched ESPN Plus online streaming service for $ 5 per month (about 340 rupees per month). When Fox's deal ends, he has control over Hulu and offers a wide range of programs starting at $ 8 (about 550 rupees) on a monthly basis. With Disney's brand entertainment service, Disney enhances control of movies and TV programs from creation to distribution. This gives Disney more data to evaluate viewers.

Mr. Iger said that prices for future entertainment services are not set but to the analyst during the conference call, the price will reflect the lower amount. Programs and movies. The Netflix package costs 8 to 14 dollars a month (about 960 rupees).

Disney service works include live of "Star Wars" series, new episodes of "Star Wars", "Clone Wars" animation series, live version of "Lady and the tramp", school musical "And" Monster Company "movie.

Eager said that the start of streaming service is Disney's biggest priority next year. "All assets will be a major support for product launch.

Some of Disney's assets, such as the Star Wars original trilogy, have already entered into a license agreement with another company, so they can not be used at least initially.

However, Mr. Eger said that the movie Disney's attempting to release of 2021, such as "Captain Marvel", "Dumbo", "Toy Story 4", "Frozen 2", will not be cluttered after Theatrical release It was.

Net profit in the third quarter was $ 2.31 billion (about $ 16,300), compared to 23 percent, up $ 2.95 billion (about 20,000 crores), or $ 1.95 per share (about 133 dollars) . crores), or $ 1.51 (approx). 104), one year ago. Earnings per share were $ 1.87 (about Rs. 128), excluding temporary items such as a reduction in the federal tax rate. Four analysts' average forecasts investigated by Zachs Investment Research are adjusted earnings of $ 1.97 per share (about 133 rupees).

Revenues of $ 73.2 billion (about 1.04 crores / rupee) lower than the 15.9 billion dollars (about 1.06 million Russian crawler) that four analysts interviewed by Sachs increased by 7%.

Thanks to the strong box office income for Infven War and Incredibles 2, movie and television program sales were up 20% to $ 2.88 billion (about 19,800 SEK). Although Disney's television network also increased ESPN, NBA costs, and advertising revenue declined,

The smallest segment of Disney, consumer products, interactive media is one of the companies that recorded a decline in sales. The benefits of Avengers-related products were not enough to reduce spider-man and car sales.

Although Disney shares have risen by more than 8% from the beginning of the year, Standard & Poor's 500 index has increased by nearly 7%. In the last few minutes of Tuesday's trading, the stock reached 116.56 dollars (about 8000 rupees), an increase of about 10% from the previous year. During off-hours training, Disney shares fell 49 cents to $ 116.07 (about 8000 rupees).

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