Does the Chinese digital silk road exceed Silicon Valley? – News

Over the past two decades, China has become one of the largest consumer technology markets with financing with a number of start-up companies competing with Silicon Valley.

In of 2021, entrepreneurs in China aim to become a global company by expanding business across national borders, establishing international business by listing on the stock exchanges such as NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange .

More than ever, Chinese entrepreneurs are confident in the ability to create unicorns through Chinese digital transformation and major innovation in international markets.

It can easily be expanded by digital conversion with new native applications and services

Chinese leaders are dreaming of entering the US market, despite the battle of talent in China and the United States and the growth of the big domestic market are expected. Worldwide competition to attract start-up companies in China is now taking place all over the world. As the number of unicorns is increasing, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to register in foreign stock markets, enter overseas, become global companies.

Today, the landscape of China is inspired by the idea, desire and desire to succeed at any cost. Along with the deceleration of growth, many emerging companies are beginning to look for overseas growth and opportunities.

Through my career, I was fortunate to sit on a local market that evolved over the past 20 years. As a host of many Chinese entrepreneurs as friends and partners, I noticed a unique trend. Entrepreneurs in China are attracted to the US market even though they are not the same. It is a smaller competitive market.

To succeed, Chinese …

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Does the Chinese digital silk road exceed Silicon Valley? - News

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