Donate 1 million dollars to victims shot by EA at Madden Tournament

After photographing Jacksonville, Electronic Arts will donate one million dollars to those affected by the event. The company also establishes a fund that enables others to make additional donations and organizes live streams with community members on 6 September with Jacksonville Tribute.

On Sunday, August 26, two people were killed in the Madden tournament at Jacksonville, Florida and 10 people were injured. Taylor Robertson and Elija Clayton, two of Madin's main competitors, were one of the victims. EA canceled the three qualifying events of Madden Classic and reviewed security protocols.

"The events of last weekend at Jacksonville have an eternity impact on the community of players," says on the Electronic Arts website. "I am not claiming that so many people can not understand the pain suffering and have all the answers that will help us through the healing process.

"We heard a lot of things supporting the victims and showing that this horrible event does not define us but shows that it only strengthens the community," EA said. "We are already cooperating with many people to make this happen through the flow of life.

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Donate 1 million dollars to victims shot by EA at Madden Tournament

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