Dragon Quest creators do not want to stop working at once

In almost half of his life, Yuji Horii is absorbed in huge dragons and cute blue chunks. In 1986, Koichi Sugiyama and artist Mr. Toriyama joined. Dragon Ball – Design a new role-playing game of NES Japanese version Famicom. The goal was to streamline the game by allowing role playing games to be used by casual players while maintaining a feeling of starting a grand quest. Result is Dragon QuestBoasting a huge hit in Japan, it is one of the most iconic and selling video game series in the country.

next week Dragon Quest XI In North America it is the title which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the series. Horii is now 64 years old, which means that the series is everywhere in the life of an adult. With some remarkable exceptions, including the iconic RPG Super Nintendo Stopwatch trigger, His career was almost completely devoted Dragon Quest. Not only he agrees with it, Horii can not see himself anytime soon. I asked him, he said 87 years old Sugiyama, and I am still making new songs. "I think that I will be strong for 20 years as well," he says.

When he departs outside Japan, Dragon Quest XI It will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It is a large-scale production that explores the rich world, learns complex systems and produces a rich voice. We are far from original games of less than 10 people. On the other hand, Horii had to attack …

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Dragon Quest creators do not want to stop working at once

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