Each series of Power Rangers, explanation

Each series of Power Rangers, explanation

Power rangers, a teenager's show turning into a super hero with color helmet, has been aired in some form since 1993. This is a 25-year TV program. Three movies. Let's run it for 1 second.

CNET's former editor-in-chief Luke Lancaster, who celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series, was looking at Power Rangers like a child. Mike Sorrentino editor-in-chief of many years, what does Luke imagine? In the series progresses based on increasingly obscure titles, Mike tells us what each version of the show really is like.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993)

The original power ranger.

Luke: O.G. Rangers My rangers of childhood. A teacher who originally has a posture that seems not to be legitimate to recruit a team of superheroes. Are they legally allowed to drive these huge robots?

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Each series of Power Rangers, explanation

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