Elon Musk mixes Tesla's management team by email – News

Elon Musk mixes Tesla's management team by email – News

After taking office as a series of leaders in the recent months who continued their resignation with a high position on Friday, CEO Elon Musk We announced a series of promotions and updates with email sent to employees. For clarification, this is not a new employment, but part of this promotion has already been confirmed before the last resignation on Friday of last week.

In other words, Musk suddenly did not promote officers 'executives in response to negative reactions on Friday' s market resigning or removing marijuana from a live podcast broadcast with Joe Logan.

Nonetheless, the promotion is not worthy of attention. Because they rarely know the structure of the company and the insights of the people staying. It also shows an increase in workload imposed on a few people.

For example, Kevin Kassekert had previously guided the development of infrastructure. Someone with giga near Reno, Nevada. His new title is vice president of people and places, he is in a position to assume the responsibility of human resources (position once occupied by Gaby Toledano) and facilities, construction, infrastructure. Tesla has over 37,000 employees and facilities worldwide, including the Fremont plant in California.

Musk also promoted Jerome Gillen to the president of the car. Former Daimler Flight Liner executive Guillen oversees all the operation and management of the automobile program and coordinates Tesla's supply chain. Gillen …

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Elon Musk mixes Tesla's management team by email - News

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