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Epic Games Store Offer Free Messenger Made In Quebec City

Epic Games has announced that the independent game created in Canada, The Messenger, will be free on Epic Games Store from November 14 to 21. The first title of Sabotage Studio, an independent developer based in Quebec, The Messenger, follows a young ninja who travels a cursed world to deliver a parchment that can save his village.

The side-scrolling platform game “Metroidvania” draws a lot from the Ninja Gaiden franchise, but that’s not the most noticeable aspect of the game. Impressively, The Messenger tilts the player between the past and the future with an aesthetic change of the classic visuals 8 and 16 bits during time travel.

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The Messenger debuted on PC and Nintendo Switch in August of 2020 and switched to PS4 in March. The game was hailed by the critics, garnering a total of 86 reviews on the Metacritic website and the “Best First Independent Film” at The Game Awards.