Ericsson To Add 300 US Jobs As Rising 5G Demand

Ericsson To Add 300 US Jobs As Rising 5G Demand

Ericsson, a mobile communication equipment maker, announced that it will add about 300 employees in the US to respond to the increasing demand for next-generation 5 g equipment.

He said that he aims to hire engineers and experts of artificial intelligence.

"This is part of an increase in investment in R & D. We are not reducing (staff) elsewhere to accomplish this," Borie Eckholm chief executive officer told Reuters I told it.

Many investors are hoping that the Swedish company will start later this year, or the demand for 5G equipment, which will be launched in the US in early of 2021, will benefit from network upgrades newly. – United.

After substantial restructuring and clear management, Ericsson has lowered the telecommunications operator's network expenditure, but added a newcomer to research and development to meet the potential demand of the 5G network.

The company, which employs around 95,000 people worldwide, also announced that it will build its first 5G radio in the United States by the end of the year.

Once in the world's largest mobile supplier communications field, Ericsson competed with telecommunications equipment manufacturers Huawei (China) and Nokia (Finland).

Last month, Nokia announced that it acquired a $ 3.5 billion deal with T-Mobile, the third largest mobile operator in the United States. The United States is Ericsson's largest market, accounting for about 25% of revenue.

Ekholm refused to comment on his market share this year, but said, "We have a very good momentum in customer relationship."

Last month, the company had unexpectedly increased operating profit due to strong sales growth in North America.

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