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Exclusive: the Details of 10.6 million, the MGM, the hotel guests posted on a hacking forum

Image: TipKilby

The personal information of more than 10.6 million users who have stayed in a VARIETY of Resorts, hotels, are posted on a hacking forum this week.

Apart from the details of ordinary tourists and travellers, was included in the leaked files that may be personally identifiable, and contact information, celebrity tech ceos, journalists, government officials, and workers in some of the world’s biggest tech companies.

determination of the authenticity of the data of the current day, along with a security investigator for Under the non-complianceas a soon-to-be-launched data breach monitoring service.

A spokesman for MGM Resorts, which confirmed the incident through an e-mail.

What has been exposed

According to our analysis, the VARIETY of the data dump that was shared today, which contains the personal information for the purposes 10,683,188 former guests of the hotel.

Included in the leaked files include personal information such as full names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail, and date of birth.

evidence-the data.png

reach out to past guests and have confirmed that they are to stay at the hotel, as well as their timeline, as well as the accuracy of the information contained in the leaked files.

We have received confirmation from the international business travelers, journalists, attending tech conferences, and the Ceo’s attendance at meetings, the public and the government officials who are traveling to the Las Vegas branch.

MGM Resorts said they have notified customers in the last year

As soon as the data has been verified, also reached out to MGM Resorts.

Within an hour after, we reached out to the company, in a conference call with the hotel’s security team. Within an hour or two, and the MGM Resorts team has been able to verify the information, and keep track of past security incidents.

A JAIL spokesman told the the information that was shared online this week, a security incident took place last year.

“Last summer, we discovered unauthorized access to a server that is part of a limited set of information, for some previous guests of MGM Resorts,” said MGM .

“We are confident that there will be no financial or credit card or password information was involved in this matter.”

The hotel chain said that it will be immediately reported to all affected guests to the hotel, and is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

While we have not been able to track down one of these messages, personally, some of the users don’t seem to have it online, you can receive a in August of last year.

In addition, MGM Resorts, told us that it is the preserve of the two, cyber security, forensic companies, and for the conduct of internal investigations over the past year with the exposure.

“At MGM Resorts, we take our responsibility to protect the guest information very seriously and we have strengthened and enhanced the safety and security of our network, in order to prevent this from happening again,” the company said.

A potential hazard of SIM swapping, and spear-phishing

However, as the JAIL’s security, the incident went under the radar last year, with the publication of this data dump is a very popular hacking forum this week, to many hackers’ attention.

Under the Breach, and the company is seen to fixing this issue, and informed the reporter, was the one who pointed out the extremely delicate, nature of the offense.

The leaked data is a treasure trove for the contact information for many of the high-profile users, and working with large tech companies and governments all over the world. These users are now faced with a higher risk of receiving a spear-phishing e-mail messages, and the SIM is changed, Under the Infringement to be told .

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and pop star, Justin Bieber, and the DHS and the TSA agents are just some of the big names, the Infringement was spotted in the leaked files.

MGM Resorts, told the information was old. We will be able to confirm this statement, as all of the guests at the hotel, we called them, no one else in the room could last until 2017. Some of the songs we mentioned have been lost, but many were valid, and that the right person answers the phone.

The extent and severity of these VARIETY Resorts is a security incident, the incident pales in comparison to the massive data breach that affected hotels, Marriott hotels, 2017if the details are in the hundreds of millions of users have been stolen by the Chinese state-sponsored hackers.