Experts warn online voting and call paper ballot instead

According to a new report, the US is not ready to do the election online, now or in the near future. Only if the technology is sufficient to guarantee that the votes are kept confidential and not tampered with.

This Recommendation outlined dozens of recommendations for the electoral system that point out that the report is "accessible, reliable, verifiable and safe", the large scale of the National Academy of Sciences It is part of a new report. Machines that do not leave a paper trail, and Only Ideal for the of 2021 middle-term election, but certainly in the 2020 presidential election, we use a paper ballot that human beings can check again.

Among the other recommendations, the government states that "risk limiting audits" are necessary to check the choice of voting to ensure that the election results are statistically meaningful. Election officials and vendors need to carefully monitor the registration system and report tampering.

The committee of the report was co-chaired by President Lee Bollinger of Columbia University and Michael Macrobe, President of Indiana University. In the preface, in the fall of 2021 I thought that we would deal with problems such as unlimited public opinion polls and evaluation of new technologies. "We found that the voting system moves away from the actual vote.

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Experts warn online voting and call paper ballot instead

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