Facebook Grapples With a Maturing Adversary in Election Meddling

We used software to hide Internet traffic and covered its trajectory. They created the Facebook page of anti-trump cultural warrior, Hispanic activist, alternative health care fans. In addition, we held events in cooperation with political groups in the real world.

Facebook’s announcement on Tuesday this year’s election campaign official raised allegations of Russia by fully copying Russian tactics in the 2016 race. But the new effort also showed signs of mature partners, better imitating, adapting and evolving themselves, better imitating true activists.

Reconciled activities – gatherings of feminist empowerment, indigenous rights, religion, photographs and publications on behalf of immigrants and customs. Huge of Facebook’s challenge trying to eliminate imitators. As the forces behind the account become increasingly difficult to detect, society must adjust the anger and anger of legitimate users and in some cases separate from attempts to support it, in order to influence public public opinion It will not.

“This is not one event limited to the election of 2021,” Michael Posner, director of Stern Business and Business Center Business School, New York University, recently announced Russian influence campaign . “The entity trying to confuse our democratic process by pushing various forms of misinformation into the system is a daily rhythm.”

Facebook closed 32 accounts at once, stated 290,000 users continued. Most accounts were hardly followed and the overall scope of operation was lower than that of the Russian campaign of 2021. The company ‘s announcement is raising Washington’ s concern that federal and social media companies can not separate foreign players from this year ‘s election.

Facebook said that he found enough evidence to close accounts, delete pages, and delete organized events. However, despite the fact that some parliamentarians immediately accused Russia, she immediately did not tell her where she was behind the campaign.

In some respects, we had similarities with Russia’s previous efforts, including those of the Internet Research Agency, a trawl farm mixed with the election of 2021. The pages posted on Facebook were mostly written in English.

However, there was also a significant difference. According to Facebook, in a recently announced operation, it hid its place with a virtual private network. In addition, we used Internet-based phone service to introduce purchase of Facebook advertisement to third parties.

The content has also evolved to better reflect current discussions in the United States. According to a report, the most successful Facebook article issued by the Senate Information Committee of 2021 focuses on traditional discreet themes: the position to support an uncompromising immigration policy, It tends to work as well as gun control and posts accusing Hillary Clinton.

This new deal focused on issues such as feminist empowerment, anti-racist activities, liberal anger for ICE activities. We focused on narrow messages of interest, such as pages focused on wellness displaying graphics on genetically altered food hazards.

“It shows a sophisticated level of retail policy,” said Graham Brookie, director of Digital Forensic Lab, who announced a report on this week’s material.

Recent activities focused on creating offline confusion by organizing and promoting events on Facebook as a counter project against the White Nationalist Conference hosted on # # 39, one of the suspicious pages It seems to be putting on. behind. This event is evoking the interest of more than 3,000 users.

Jonathan Albright, director of the Digital Forensic Initiative at Toe Center for Digital Journalism, says: “They are integrated into groups and events, Mr. Albright said the new group’s goal is to” push real events and connect with the Internet and offline in the form of behaviorism that leads to conflict. “

One of the biggest suspicious accounts Facebook revealed was “Resisters”, a page led by feminist activists. The description of the page states its mission: “Online and offline feminist activism against fascism, broad public education and direct action, amplifying the voice of the target area.”

Thousands of messages on gender equality and other progressive ideals gathe red at the “Resisters” page created in March 2017. His most popular article concerns anti-rape equipment invented in South Africa, the caption says, “What do you think about it?

Many publications in this campaign are similar to those of 2021, when issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement caused racial tension.

The page titled “Aztlan Warriors” was created in March 2017 the day before the Resisters page. His description used Spanish “people” to read “I give power to our gentlemen.” Due to the mixture of memes and photos, this page encouraged Caucasians to abuse their native American and Hispanic. In a typical letter made on June 28, a protestor was displayed with a sign that “In 1492 Americans discovered that Columbus was lost in the sea”.

Another page created by the group “Ancestral Wisdom” contains images of black skin girls. “Black girls do not have to mix to become beautiful.”

Many of these messages are stolen from other sites and accounts. But they show that influential campaigns are imitating all kinds of social media activists and are taking action on online anger.

None of this is the rocket science. Facebook users can say that anger is more effective than the calmness of social media and hot debate about issues such as women’s rights and indigenous people persecution is everywhere in the American left. And experts have suggested that Troll may try to create large scale hypercommitted viewers with the intention to prepare account for later strategic purposes.

People behind the Facebook campaign may be testing more advanced technology. Since many deleted pages included links to Facebook Messenger accounts, it is possible that influential operators are using messages to connect to individual subscribers.

A Facebook spokesman refused to comment that the campaign-related page is using Facebook messenger, quoting the company’s survey.

The side effect of an aversion information campaign is to fuel people who make social media inherently unreliable and question the legitimacy of genuine movement. Some of the supporters have already adopted tactics that already doubt about the Internet-based movement by drawing opponents as Russian trolls or prominent foreign foreign influential agents.

This kind of suspicion seems to be on the rise because influence campaigns become increasingly difficult to distinguish from real activities.

Facebook regulations do not prevent people from suggesting that electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones cause life threatening diseases as new campaigns that affect the network of pages. It should be abolished. The sin of the campaign, in terms of Facebook, led to “wrongful activities” using wrong accounts. As long as you use your real name, artificial resentment is permitted.

Facebook security officer Alex Stamos (Tuesday), who resigned this month, asserted that Facebook will detect all fake accounts and do everything to detect influence-adjusted campaigns.

“The fact that the attribution of actors becomes complicated does not mean that you can not stop this activity,” Stamos said.

Mr. Posner of N.Y. U said the disclosure of new information transactions should encourage all social media companies to take the threat of information war more seriously. The company said that he should be familiar with the methods they use and should launch a team of Russian-speaking analysts, especially those focusing on the threat of I.R.A.

“They are looking for ways to divide our society,” he said. “It is not only to associate with one politician or other politician but a deeper and more dangerous activity”

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