Facebook Makes Two- Factors A Requirement For Some Page Managers

Facebook Makes Two- Factors A Requirement For Some Page Managers

As part of improving transparency, Facebook develops a new verification process, and those who manage Pages are confirming what they say. Facebook has announced a new process on Facebook business blog …

This process begins with a page with major follow-ups in the United States. The person in charge of these pages needs to check the location of the main country and add two-factor authentication to the account. Facebook states that the purpose of these additional security measures is to make people "using tampered accounts" more difficult to manage pages.

From now on, those who manage these pages will be invited to complete the approval process to continue publishing, complicating the management of the page with the help of fake accounts and compromises.

Authorization requires users managing these pages to use two-factor authentication to protect their accounts and verify their country of origin.

All page administrators do not need to follow these authentication procedures first. However, Facebook will send a notification to the top of the newsfeed and start the process, which should take "a few minutes".

Facebook indicates that administrators who do not perform necessary verification can not publish to their own page.

If the page manager requires approval, he receives a notification to start the process at the top of the newsfeed. It only takes a few minutes. If you do not complete the process you will not be able to post to the page. Implementation will be done soon this month.

In addition to the new security layer for the page manager, the end user finds additional information about the user executing the large page and clarifies it as soon as the content appears.

  • When viewed from the front, it is displayed when the page is merged with another page under the history of the page.
  • Also add a section called Person to manage this page. This page displays the primary location of the country from which the page originally displayed on the US consumer page is managed.

Facebook also insists that features similar to Instagram will be introduced in the coming weeks. For details, please visit this Facebook blog.

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