Facebook prohibits Myanmar's military accounts from "allowing human rights violations"

Facebook Suppressing the military leaders of Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, social networks are the cause of ethnic tension and violence.

The US company announced today that General Ming-Ang Kharang, the military commander, the account of the military television channel Myawady was taken over.

In total, Purge passed 18 Facebook accounts, 52 Facebook pages, Instagram accounts. The company says, "We have found evidence that many of these people and organizations infringe seriously on the human rights of the country."

Approximately 30 million of the 50 million residents of Myanmar use Facebook, which is estimated to be a very effective broadcasting network. However, as is most evident in the United States, it can be exploited in a wide range.

But the Facebook effect is also very far from the United States. According to a report released by the United Nations in March, Facebook has played a "decisive role" in the crisis of Myanmar. As the state of the country is very severe, it is estimated that as a result of the suppression of the Myanmar government in August, 700,000 Muslim refugees in Longinia fled to neighboring Bangladesh. US Secretary of State Rex Tylerson called these acts as ethnic cleansing.

Facebook's behavior was announced in a week after discovering more than 1,000 articles, comments and images that the investigative report of Reuters reported attacked Rohingya et al. Muslim users on the platform.

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Facebook prohibits Myanmar's military accounts from "allowing human rights violations"

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