Facebook spends $ 1 billion on Singapore's coolest data center

I artistically express the appearance of the new data center in Singapore.

Facebook's Asia's first data center will be a new $ 1 billion building in Singapore.

11 storeys in Singapore and a data center of 170,000 square meters are designed specifically for humid climate. . Facebook is also planning to fully supply electricity with renewable energy and is striving to expand its country's solar resources. The facade of the building allows air to enter and enter the people inside.

Thomas Furlong, vice president of infrastructure and data center at Facebook, said: "At Facebook's data center, we host lots of photos and videos that can be seen every day," Asis' It is a good thing, because closing the data center will be a better service for the user, faster. "

Singapore has been chosen as the host of the data center for several reasons. It has already established a network with a fiber-based broadband infrastructure. He also has business policies, Facebook said in a statement. This will be the first data center belonging to Facebook, 15th in the country and the world.

The data center should run by 2022 when the first server is installed, but it is expected that construction will continue as Facebook increases its capacity.

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Facebook spends $ 1 billion on Singapore's coolest data center

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