Fb To Inform 4M Users Whose Data May Have Been Misused By Personality Quiz App

After announcing earlier this week that it has removed hundreds of fake accounts because of “unauthentic behavior,” Facebook has revealed that it has suspended more than 400 apps due to concerns about user data management.

In a blog post, Facebook’s vice president for products, Ime Archibong, explained that the most striking ban so far related to an application called myPersonality. This application was a popular personality quiz and was mainly active before 2012.

Facebook states however that the application has failed to accept an audit request and that “it is clear that they have shared information with researchers as well as”. 39 with companies with limited protections in place”.

As a result of these findings, Facebook says it will inform about 4 million people who have chosen to share their information with the myPersonality app that their data “may have been misused”:

Today, we have banned myPersonality – an application that was primarily active before 2012 – from Facebook for not accepting our audit request and because it was clear that they were sharing information with researchers and companies with limited protections. As a result, we will notify the 4 million people who have chosen to share their Facebook information with myPersonality that they have been misused.

In addition, Facebook notes that at this point, it is not proven that myPersonality has accessed the information of his friends – which means he will not inform his friends of these 4 million users. Facebook explains that it continues to investigate applications that may have accessed user data. He says that he has suspended “more than 400 because of concerns about the developers who built them or how the information that people chose to share with the application may have been used.”

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