First, the Samsung Galaxy s is a 20-Ultra-NIGHT-Camera Samples, Zoom, zoom, zoom

First, the Samsung Galaxy s is a 20-Ultra-NIGHT-Camera Samples, Zoom, zoom, zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has finally arrived in our hands, and we’re just getting started on the site, but the one thing we were very eager to do right away is to take a look at the performance of the new camera.

And not just for the period of time, but we do have the camera, the S20-Ultra-in, a walk in the evening when the light is scarce, and the smartphone’s camera and have the hardest time capturing a good picture.

The S20-Ultra was a real challenge: it has a foldable periscope optical zoom lens, which allows you to zoom in 10X with the use of a Hybrid of Optical zoom, and 100X digital. How was the performance in low-light? Let’s take a closer look!

Zoom, Zoom, zoom,

As you can see, you have so many cameras and options meant that there is a lot of shots, but if you want to be the world’s most versatile camera to you, and that’s hardly a drawback. Looking at the pictures, we were really impressed with the performance of zoom digital cameras. We have a screen shot of the same scene with different smart phones and what have you been up for an unclear mess, while the Ultra does have the stuff to be very clean and sharp. Samsung makes a lot of noise reduction algorithms is to blur the image, but the result is impressive: the 10X zoom, the quality is very, very clear, and it all starts to fall apart after that, you can still easily read the signs on the 30x digital zoom. Zoom in all the way to 100 TIMES seems like an overkill, but the quality really takes a turn for the worse at that level.

We repeated the test with a different subject matter: the sea horse is a fish ornament in the building. The zoom is 5X, and 10X, produces an image that looks surprisingly good. It can be seen that the aggressive noise reduction in the 30 ” and then on the picture 100 TIMES it is just for show and not really anything else you would like to share.

Night Mode

Samsung has also improved the Night Mode option, which allows you to shoot slow shutter speeds in combination with short, and some of the AI is smart, so that you can collect more light, and, ultimately, to get a clearer picture of the night.

The night Mode in the menu, and it still isn’t automatic, something that we will regret when we have to be honest, not really sure if we should use them and when not to. For example, in this dimly-lit street seems like a perfect scenario for a Night Mode, but I was surprised to see a long 8 seconds for the picture. The end result was clearer, but it’s also a bit of a funny colour to it, and we are not sure whether or not we would actually prefer to have the more realistic picture is that we did it without Night Mode.

It was also in the dark, and it seemed like a good thing to have the Night Mode as well. Once again, we had to wait for a long 8 seconds for the picture. This may seem excessive, and might turn off a lot of users will be using this option very often. We knew it, we were a bit disappointed and found it to be a count of the seconds in our mind while trying to get to the phone, still have it. The end result is a better-looking image at this time, but with a bit of an odd look to it. You be the judge.


Selfies are on the S20’s Ultra seems to be a lot better than in the past, and we love the colors and all the details.

You can also take advantage of the night, in selfies, and here it turned out to be very useful in my sight, in the dark, and the first one was the one I would want to use it, while in the second mode, the night was sure to be an improvement.

We will be updating this article with additional images. Stay tuned for more, and S20 Ultra with content in the next few days!!!