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The working day is a party that does not match Silicon Valley. Its purpose is to congratulate working men and women and celebrate better working conditions and progress to a more equitable workplace. However, from the creation of an unstable 1099 economy to the automation of the labor force itself, in order to "destroy" high quality working conditions better than valleys,

This weekend my colleague, John Chen, insisted that the message of traditional working days should be kept in mind by encouraging Valley entrepreneurs to create a more equal and equitable workplace, I showed myths about this gap. It is safe. For all workers who feed on the platform we produce and operate everyday,

It feels good that I agree, but I think he is missing the mark.

What Silicon Valley needs is more than ever doubling the ambitious, changing and changing difficult jobs that created the modern knowledge economy. We can not be late. We need more technological progress. We need to automate more work. And we need this innovation in the US as much as possible.

The technology industry may be dominant force by several parameters, but we are just beginning. There is little or no automation for all industries like cargo, billions of people can not access the Internet. Our drug pipeline is anemic, the cost is …

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For workers, for workers - news

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