Fortnite Lightning creates a purple multidimensional cube.

Fortnite Lightning creates a purple multidimensional cube.

One day, part of the desert FortniteThe island of the city has always been attacked by thunder which emerges from a rift in the sky. Nobody knew what it meant. The only thing that seemed obvious was that strikes were accelerating and new cactus on the map was occasionally destroyed. Tonight, the lightning is over and they seem to have been replaced by more mysterious ones.

Unlike the original event previously broadcasted by developer Epic Games, the end of lightning phenomenon seemed to have occurred randomly, and fanfare seemed to be relatively few. Fortunately, some players were able to capture the climax. And you can see the wonderful fireworks.

So, there is a huge shining cube floating on the map, literally out of this world. Failure has also disappeared. Of course, players are already experimenting cubes. It seems that you can not destroy it. Because the cube sends back the second one to which Pixak is connected.

It sounds fun to bounce in the cube,

Only cubes pose more questions, but players are already beginning to form a theory. Some people swear that something is inside, the surface of the cube hides the message. Players like u / ulus 10 hope that the cube's texture is a symbol that the player can decipher:

Perhaps this event will continue to expand throughout the weekend as the end of the season. Until then, you can visit the cube …

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Fortnite Lightning creates a purple multidimensional cube.

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