Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Cheaper Than Other 512GB Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Cheaper Than Other 512GB Phones

Oppo has just completed one of the flash sales that Chinese direct to the consumer phone the manufacturers are famous with. These are usually the events behind the titles like “XXX phone sold in XX seconds”, which simply means that many Chinese have clicked on a pre-ordered sale event and are now waiting for their packages.

The strange thing about this flash sale by Oppo is that its subject was not an affordable midrange that would sell hundreds of thousands of times in no time, but its real Find x flagship. You know, the one with half of the motorized camera that deploys to scan your face in 3D, and then unlock the phone in a split second.

Now, Oppo has not just let the “regular” find X of the bag, otherwise, he would not have boasted with the poster on the right, but only his high-end, luxurious Lamborghini edition, which sports incredibly fast, 5A VOOC charge, $ 1500 worth, and pretty amazing 512GB storage.

When we say incredible, we think so, because for now, it’s only Huawei’ s Maté RS, Oppo Finds X Lamborghini, and … you guessed it … the Galaxy Note 9 this allows you to buy a storage option of a half terabyte. Well, the Asus ROG the game phone will also have such a model, but there is no price yet. Heck, this amount is more than what entry-level ultrabooks with flash storage offer on average. Now, let’s look at the price of these puppies, shall we?
  • Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design (512GB, 6GB RAM) – $2500
  • Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition (512GB, 8GB RAM) – $1500
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9, no edition (512GB, 8GB RAM) – $1250
  • Asus ROG (512 GB, 8GB RAM)  – n/a
The difference between these 512GB phones, besides the prices and the amounts of RAM, is that the Note 9 can be pre-ordered already, and be at your door in about two weeks. The Mate RS is available in the West, but especially in its 256GB option, with the 512 gigabytes apparently a rare commodity even in China, while the Oppo Find X Lamborghini is just passing its rounds of output in Asia. The Asus ROG Phone 512GB still needs to be sold and launched, but it will not be cheap to judge pre-order leak post.
So, a price with a comma perhaps surprising for those who aspire to the time when real phones with combat style were 30% cheaper. However, in this era of record average prices, worn precisely by phones like the Note line or iPhone X, a tag of $1250 for the note 9 of 512 GB fewer deals and gifts is actually nothing to cry at home.
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