Samsung Galaxy Note 9 VS Apple iPhone X – Camera Test

Casey Neistat is a YouTube vlogger in a class of its own. His daily videos in New York are incredibly popular, thanks to the exceptional videography he manages to achieve without a real film crew.

As a result, when Casey talks about the daily video equipment, people listen. He is particularly known for his video quality reviews and comparisons of non-professional equipment such as smartphones and drones. Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone X head-to-head.

Before devoting eight precious minutes of your life to video, you must understand that there is not a complete overhaul of the phone or even the camera system. Casey does not even show the photo application or give any of his opinions. Instead, what you get is a bunch of 4K footage shot around New York, literally side by side by a renowned photographer.

I watched the video a few times and a few points stand out. The first – and the most boring – is how good these two cameras really are. You might think that Samsung would have a significant advantage because it is competing with a device that is almost a year younger than the iPhone X. But when it comes to simple things like the detail, the noise and the color reproduction, both devices seem to be so close that you need a very sophisticated 4K video editing monitor to make the difference.

Two things have however marked the image of the Galaxy Note 9. The dynamics of some exterior shots, especially the landscapes above the water, is ashamed of the iPhone X. You can see more details in the shadow and in the sky only on the iPhone X, which is a great victory. I’ve also found that the color profile of the Galaxy Note 9 was a little better, but again, without a reference monitor, it’s really hard to evaluate.

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