Garmin introduces deluxe golf watch with maps for 41,000 courses

Garmin introduces deluxe golf watch with maps for 41,000 courses

Garmin has announced a new edition of its MARQ, such as that of premium sports-specific smartwatches. The Garmin MARQ Golf is specially designed for the green and serves as a virtual caddie on your wrist.

The MARQ Golf offers all the usual features you’d expect from a top-of-the-range Garmin smartwatch, including heart rate monitoring, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo navigation, smart notifications, storage for up to 2,000 tracks, Garmin Pay and activity tracking, but there’s more for the truly dedicated golfer.

The watch comes with maps of 41,000 golf courses, with color charts, plus hazard detection to help you avoid sand traps, bunkers, and lakes while playing. The Virtual Caddie feature can analyze the wind speed and layout of the course, plus your speed and club performance to help you choose the best club for the shot.

The watch’s clear display is designed to be clearly legible even in bright sunlight, and the design includes a sturdy titanium case, a jacquard strap (which can easily be replaced if you need something more formal for the office), and a ceramic bezel that can be custom engraved with 1-18 wave-hole markings.

It’s no surprise that the MARQ Golf commands a premium suggested retail price, although it may not be as high as you’d expect at £1,699.99 (around $2,150, AU$3,110). That’s about three times the price of the most affordable Garmin Phoenix 6 premium running watch, or twice the average annual membership fee of the British Golf Club.

The launch comes on the heels of the MARQ Captain: American Magic Edition – a premium sports watch built for the open ocean that allows owners to control their boat’s autopilot from their wrist.

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