Google Assistant Update Adds Advanced Reading Features

Google announced that a new assistant assistant function will be newly offered in the United States. The last update is about Google News and how users can leverage that feature on smart screens and home speakers.

Since Google started the assistant, the user was able to hear information about the speaker with the help of the command.What is the news?"After subscribing to one or more regional and national publishers, the Google Assistant got a new option that lets users see video news when the first smart screen appeared on the market.

With the new Google Assistant, you can go further as you want to know more about a specific tag. For example,What is the news of the National Women's Football Team?"Or"What is the latest news on NASA?"

All of these new orders are available so you can use Android Auto, Wizard compatible headphones, Android smartphones. The only drawback is that these updates only reach devices with Google Assistant in the U.S.

However, although Google says these new features will eventually go outside the U.S., we are currently planning a regional community of Google Assistant.

I hope you like the news Google Assistant Update Adds Advanced Reading Features. Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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