Google In Talks To Acquire TikTok Rival Firework

Google In Talks To Acquire TikTok Rival Firework

According to a recent ‘Wall Street Journal’ report, Google would be interested in buying Firework, a TikTok competitor. The company is trying to become more relevant in terms of social media. The fireworks are for an older audience and have millions of users depending on their website.

Fireworks are similar to TikTok because it allows users to create and download 30-second videos. The application was developed in California and was created by former employees of Snapchat and LinkedIn. Weibo, a Chinese social network, is also interested in buying Firework.

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However, Google is continuing with its plan to purchase the app. The fireworks are currently valued at $100 million ($133 million Canadian) and have a “high premium.” However, the two companies have not yet discussed pricing.