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Google Pixel 3 XL ; Pixel 2 XL cases will not be interchangeable, images confirm

For overall dimensions and rear design, yesterday's Pixel 2 interactive video XL Pixel 3 XL has confirmed that the devices are very similar. Despite these similarities, Google seems to have made some changes. In other words, the case can not be exchanged.
Regarding the rear end adjustment, the Pixel 3 XL camera can theoretically be used with Pixel 2 XL, but important functions are not included, but in the fingerprint camera of the new model, clipping is not possible with Pixel 2 XL & # 39; Because it is not perfectly aligned, it may feel uncomfortable.
As you move to the device frame, the bottom USB Type-C port is naturally perfectly aligned. However, looking at the top of the camera, the first major design difference is confirmed. It is the position of the microphone. Using Pixel 2 XL, Google placed it on the left side of the device, but on the new model it is on the right side. This means that the Pixel 2 XL microphone is completely covered. Furthermore, even though the power button fits well in the cutout in the new housing, even though it is slightly out of position, the high position of the volume locker of the new model means that this housing always supports the volume down button I will.
Apple has demonstrated the merit of keeping the same design over and over again. This makes it possible to use cases and accessories for a long time. Unfortunately, these small design changes are disappointing for some users, as they are not allowed on modern Pixel devices.

I hope you like the news Google Pixel 3 XL ; Pixel 2 XL cases will not be interchangeable, images confirm. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂