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Google Plans To Give Slow Websites A New Shame Badge

To push developers to build faster websites, Google Chrome will soon post badges on slow-loading sites. So far, the tech giant has not specified the details, but he says he can present sites that load quickly with a green loading bar on mobile, and those who load slowly with an icon saying “Loading … Usually, loads slow.”

Google Plans To Give Slow Websites A New Shame Badge

This is probably bad news for website developers who do not want Google to place a “slow” tag on their page. That said, if it encourages sites to load faster, consumers will benefit. These are just examples, and Google says that it’ll be in “many forms, and we plan to try different options to determine the one that offers the most value to our users.” As Google says in the press release, the first step, look at the website’s load history and determine if it is loaded at a slower pace all the time.

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After that, it is planned to determine if the sites load slowly due to the speed of the network. Towards the end of the post, the company states, “Our long-term goal is to define badging for high quality experiences, which may include signals beyond speed. “In the long run, this could mean that Google will push users to better-operated sites than to reputable websites.

Source: Google