Google Will Lose $50M From Fortnite Bypassing The Play Store: Report

Google Will Lose $50M From Fortnite Bypassing The Play Store:

Over the years, the good video game offered to smartphone users can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has made the game available for those who use an iOS-powered mobile device. And although a beta version of the game will be available exclusively to those who have some high-end Samsung Galaxy models., Fortnite will not be offered to Android users through the Google Play Store. Apparently, Epic does not want to give Google 30% of the huge amount of revenue generated by an ad in the Play Store (which makes no sense if we consider the same percentage as Apple takes iOS application).

Ultimately, when the game is officially offered to Android users, they will have to abandon Fortnite via the Epic website. The company believes that the game is so popular that Android users with compatible handsets are installing on its website to install Fortnite, even without registration in the Play Store. Sensor Tower application research firm says that by the end of the year, the end of the epic around the Play Store will cost Google 50 million dollars in lost platforms.

Sensor Tower also said that Epic has cashed $180 million from iOS users since it was first made available on March 15 on iPhone and iPhone. iPad users. Now the game is available on the App Store. Apple’s share in the state has risen to $ 54 million so far.
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