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Google Will Rename Its Assistant Tab To ‘For You’

Google renames the Photos Wizard tab to “For you,” according to 9to5Google. The Google Photos app includes several features enabled by a wizard. For example, he can create collages, stylize photos and even create small clips with images.

Google also offers suggestions such as “attach side photos and archive receipts” in this section. For me, managing your library indicated that I had to erase some of my blurry images and screenshots. Probably intended to reduce confusion with Google Assistant, this name change is accompanied by the transfer of other suggestions to a new “Manage your library” feed accessible from the navigation drawer.

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We first spotted this section in early October. By using a checkmark icon, it makes sense for Google to move noncreative items into its part because they often clutter your custom jobs. All in all, this wizard who changes his name to “For you” is minor and quite simple.

The update is available for photos on iOS today but has not yet been released to all Android users. It is available on the desktop, however.