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Google#039;s new tool will help organizations monitor the work of their employees

On Wednesday, Google announced a new tool "Work Insights" that enables administrators to more clearly understand and manage how to deploy and use G-Suite within an organization.

"Work Insights" comes with a "recruitment chart" that analyzes trends, keeps track of deployment progress, monitors the team's most adopted applications, and identifies applications that require additional training for the application It is.

"Work Insights" allows administrators to quickly understand the organizational aspects of G-Suite deployment at the team level aggregated to more than 10 people and understand the adoption pattern of G-Suite applications, " Reena Nadkarni G – Google wrote on a blog.

This new tool is specially designed to help organizations measure and understand the impact of internal digital conversion and the transition to an organization's G-Suite application.

"You can use Work Insights to learn how teams are collaborating within an organization.This vision will help leadership to enhance collaboration and identify opportunities to reduce beans. "Nadkarni added.

Thesearch engine giant also announced the general availability of "research tools" in the "G-Suite Security Center" to help organizations simplify security management.

The "survey" tool provides a simple user interface that allows administrators to easily identify threats without worrying about analyzing logs that are time-consuming and require complex scripts.

You can use the "Work Insights" tool in beta and G Suite Enterprise customers can use the "Investigation Tool" tool.

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