Google’s approach to Music is to Play with some of the most useful feature of YouTube Music

Google has reportedly been testing Music Playback is The Best feature for the YouTube, Music, and the ability to upload all the songs in your library. It is one of the features is that the presence of a lot of Music to Play, users are moving over to YouTube’s Music, in spite of the fact that Google has a plan to get rid of the former, at a certain point.Now 9to5google reports that Google’s in-house testing of your music library to upload to YouTube for the Music, the shows, the Mountain View company is in very, very close to a transition, it Plays the users Music, YouTube Music, something that has been done over the last year.

The change does not come as a surprise, since YouTube is a Music in the head attached that’s Google’s plan is to get the Music to Play, users have to maintain and migrate their collections, playlists and user preferences of YouTube Music.

What is more surprising is the fact that Google missed its own deadline, and have not been able to get this feature on YouTube is the Music of the previous year. And we don’t even know if the music in the library to upload them, even in the country this year, in spite of the fact that the feature is already being tested internally, it suggests that we are not far away from a public release.