Google's Google browser is currently 10 years old

Google's Google browser is currently 10 years old

Google released the Chrome browser for the first time ten years ago. Chrome was sold as a "new browser" and debuted with Google's web comic to mark the company's first web browser. Originally released as a beta application of Windows before Linux and MacOS was first released in 2009. Chrome debuted at the time Internet developers and users were dissatisfied with Internet Explorer . Momentum

Google tried Chrome with Apple's WebKit rendering engine and Mozilla Firefox components to make Chromium available for all Chrome source code. Chrome respects HTML 5 with emphasis on web standards and passed the tests Acid 1 and Acid 2 when released. This was a big milestone for what Microsoft had struggled to publish web standards with Internet Explorer browser.

Original Chrome logo

Another important part of the first version of Chrome was the idea of ​​"sandboxing" the tabs of individual browsers. If a crash occurs, it does not affect other browsers. This generally improves Chrome's speed and stability, and alongside Google 's V8 JavaScript engine, the company has always tailored to evolve the Web.

After 10 years in Chrome, this browser is currently dominant as the primary navigation path on the web. Chrome has a market share of over 60% of browsers …

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Google's Google browser is currently 10 years old

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