Google's internal security key is now available

Google's internal security key is now available

Google Titan's security key was finally made available to everyone. Two-factor tokens are on-line today in the Google Store today, full kits are available for $ 50, and shipping costs take place immediately. The kit includes USB key, Bluetooth key, and various connectors. The project cloud has been used by customers of Google Cloud since being released in July.

Titan's key is designed according to FIDO standards and serves as a second factor in many services including Facebook, Dropbox, Github. Not surprisingly, it is designed specifically for advanced accounts program, which was announced in the Google account login, especially October. Because the key is checked with a complex handshake rather than a static code, it is more resistant to phishing attacks than a typical verification code. This key was originally designed for internal use by Google and has been actively used in business for more than 8 months.

According to Google, the production process also makes the key stronger against supply chain attacks. Cloud product manager Christian Braand says: "This firmware is permanently sealed in a secure hardware chip at the time of manufacture at chip factory" The hardware chip of our secure element is used for extracting firmware and secret key elements It is designed to withstand physical attacks.

You can activate your Google Account security key from 2-step verification page, or you can sign up for an advanced protection program here.

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Google's internal security key is now available

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