GoPro Hero 7 is here – news

GoPro Hero 7 is here – news

The latest GoPro Action Camera should not be released by the end of the month, but you can glimpse just right. Hero 7 appeared early as part of shop front publication by users of Imgur (link no longer seems active, but found by The Verge).

There is not much to do, except for some display images on the screen of the old model. The shot has three kinds of colors, black, white and silver, and it is waterproof specification up to 10 m. That is the same as the main character 6.

There are also two separate references with a simple front screen (black model) and no screen. Perhaps there will be a price difference between the two. This is what the company has done on the line so far. In reality, there are not many revelations here.

Hero 6, which was launched in the same period last year, was able to shoot 4 K movies at 60 FPS and had a custom GP 1 processor. The action camera has long been a bread and butter of GoPro, and in fact it is synonymous with the brand. Of course, many other companies are trying out conflicting (often cheap) devices. As a result, the company has diversified its products.

However, in the case of Karma Drone, this was not as expected, leading to a shrinking and doubling of core business.

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GoPro Hero 7 is here - news

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