Gunther Werks brings his ultimate Porsche 993 Sport Touring to the female

Gunther Werks is trying to build the ultimate 993 air cooling chassis Porsche 911 This is going on in a very different way than that Other A company reforming 911. Gunther Werks is not trying to change the appearance of the car, but instead proudly adopting 993 in the latter half of the 1990s and trying to change the car in every way that is unimaginable.

One of the most prominent ways is to use carbon fiber "exoskeleton". This means that Gunther Werks replaces steel and aluminum bodies with a custom designed custom made carbon fiber unit. Reduce weight and massage cars more easily to accommodate large wheels and tires. Gunther Werks was the quail gathering held in Carmel, California, for the first time exhibiting this "Exoskeleton" announced in paintings.

Gunther Werks 400R is a letter of love for the latest Porsche air-cooled car.

Another development that the company introduced is the addition of the specification "sports tooling" of the basic model 400R. It introduces a new "duck tail" spoiler design reminiscent of that of Porsche Carrera RS 1973. The sports tooling model also benefits from a custom made new inspiratory plenum and unique features. Other improvements.

"Last year, after starting the project with the Motor Sports Group Quail, we received many questions about the carbon fiber parts of the vehicle," says Peter Nam of Gunther Werks. "This year I decided to bring out the exposed carbon exoskeleton …

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Gunther Werks brings his ultimate Porsche 993 Sport Touring to the female

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