Harry Potter's Lego Hogwart

Harry Potter fans can now build the largest Lego version of Hogwarts, one brick school at a time.

The whole Lego · Hogwarts castle, First clearly in JulyAvailable on Saturdays, weighs 6,020, 400 dollars in the US, 350 pounds in the UK and $ 650 in Australia.

Lego sent us an assembled version of the huge Hogwarts castle. We shot it in detail. Once you decide to take on a challenge, you can see all rooms, corridors, classrooms. .

There are many highlights of books and movies, such as rotating stairs, large halls, secret rooms, Elysee mirror and so on. The figure of 27 draws characters such as Harry Potter, Ron, Elmion. The pink figure represents the villain Dolores Umbridge.

Please check the gallery below and the video and see the set of Lego Hogwarts. Invisible cloak is not necessary.

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Harry Potter's Lego Hogwart

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