Henry Cavill plays on Netflix's Witcher series

Henry Cavill appeared in the television program "Witcher of Netflix".

Henry Cavill, well-known as Superman, appears in Netflix's Witcher series and adapts to a series of books and video games of the same name.

Kabir plays the role of Geralt de Rivia, a fear monster hunter, and challenges the dark fantasy world with a princess and a witch. This news was reported for the first time by Hollywood reporter on Tuesday, Show runner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich on Twitter It is also listed in Netflix's press release.

Hissrich said Cavill in his tweet "east Geralt, the original book and game protagonist developed by CD Projekt Red, Cyber ​​Punk 2077.

"I was on my first date, but I have not had any writers or scripts yet, but there was green light and passion," Hissrich wrote. Previously, we collaborated with Marvel's The Defenders and Daredevil for streaming service.

Cavill played an iron man in three movies. Justice League. English actor has recently reloaded his arm as an agent of CIA Mission:…

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Henry Cavill plays on Netflix's Witcher series

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