Here, how fake impact campaigns fascinated the actual people

Andrew Batcher (37), director of the Facebook page of the Smash Racism group, later invited one of the members of the Resistance to host the event page, but many local activists in Charlottesville last year Original rally. He said that he was there when the Nazi ‘s compassion blew up the car in the anti – racist crowd and killed the woman.

Prime Minister protested the “Joint II right wing” rally in his city and stated that the “Resisters” page protested the creation of the first event page. However, as the number of Resistance event pages has increased, it was reasonable to contact Mr. Orsinger to avoid the risk of creating redundant pages and breaking the page. Potential audience.

“Before we were added there were not too many on the page,” Batcher said. “When content was deleted it was all of us.”

On 1 July, Natasha · Shipley ‘s account contacted workers against racial discrimination and asked for assistance from the resistant. A WAR spokesperson who refused not to name the security threat, said that it is common for inexperienced but politically motivated people to seek help. It helps to organize events.

WAR advised “Natasha” to solve problems related to the date and time of the event page, and made WAR a co-host. He said that this group is strange when he said that ‘Natasha’ disappeared for 17 days, then re-emerged and was sick. At that time local activists in Washington took over this event and met them.

In the Facebook system, since “Mary” and “Natasha” messages were edited, The Times was able to examine correspondence only with Orsinger and the WAR side.

Facebook does not talk about specific accounts that are wrong except that in association with five legitimate formal page managers there was an informal administrator with a Resistants page that is a co-host of events It was. Facebook refused to comment on accounts “Mary” and “Natasha”.

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