Here’s a Siri’s New Concept

I am writing about Kévin Eugène before creating macOS concept. Now he came back with the Siri concept, it is wonderful. This concept calls iOS Mogi and depends on a tool called parallel help. Essentially, this means that instead of the current "issue, Siri reply, done, exit" command, Siri can execute commands in the background. This is the real future of Virtual Assistant. They should be able to act more aggressively by iOS 9 Proactive than ever before.

Do you know how sometimes you feel dissatisfied when trying to send a message with Siri? With iOS Mogi, instead of relying entirely on Siri, you can help us speed up. Allow you to accomplish it without leaving what you were doing (In iOS Mogi, what you are doing is truly valuable).

Source: Macobserver

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