Here’s How Microsoft CEO ‘Satya Nadella’ Made $36M In A Day

Microsoft 's CEO Satya Nadella reported that it reported about $ 35.9 million after selling about 30% of its common stock.

According to CNBC, quoting a regulatory complaint on Friday, he sold 328,000 shares in several transactions at a price of $ 109.08 to $ 109.68, according to CNBC.

A Microsoft spokesman said, "Today's sale was motivated by financial planning and diversification reasons Mr. Sathaya has promised to ensure its continued success and its holding status Is significantly greater than the retention requirements set by the board of directors of Microsoft. "

Mr. Nadera whose basic salary of last year is 1.45 million dollars and whose total remuneration exceeds 20 million dollars needs to pay basic pay of 15 times the basic salary.

After the last sale he has a report that he still owns 778,596 shares of common stock.

It was the second time that Nadella took over as CEO of 2021 and sold Microsoft shares for the second time, and the Seattle Times reported that it sold 143,000 shares equivalent to $ 8.3 million two years ago.

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