Here's what happened to Microsoft's Xbox VR game headset

Two months ago, Microsoft said there was no concrete plan to create an Xbox VR headset. What she did not want to say was that she was working on the device, but I put the existing VR plan on hold until a superior technology appeared.

Microsoft says that in recent years it has asked partners to create games for virtual reality headsets designed to work with Xbox video game consoles. The physical design of this device was not widely known, but screen quality specifications were evaluated as good, but it was not as good as Facebook's rival Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

But earlier this year, Microsoft announced to partners that they planned on Xbox headphone planning. Two people familiar with Microsoft's idea said the company decided to wait for promising new technologies such as wireless headsets to become more feasible. Currently, high-end headsets such as Sony PlayStation VR ($ 299), Oculus Rift ($ 506), HTC ($ 499), etc. connect long cable lengths to their respective devices for operation. On the other hand, Add about $ 300 cost.

Knowing that Microsoft plays an important role in supporting the resurgence of the recent VR, mainly on Sony, HTC, owners of the game Steam and Oculus Facebook VR, partners and people will be informed about the device What I got was almost unexpected. And it can be argued that it is a wise strategy.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (right), he said …

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Here's what happened to Microsoft's Xbox VR game headset

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